Our Company And Mission

We are Bilpengo. Founded by young and ambitious graduates from Boğaziçi University, help businesses reach out to the world by giving them an online presence and expanding their business. Turkey having the best geological position in the world, combined with the depreciation of the lira results in faster shipment and much more reasonable prices than it's competitors. It currently has the cheapest workforce in the world surpassing China, and sectors are eager to sell outside the country, following the right regulations and processes. We posses some of the finest economists, marketers and businessmen in Istanbul and capitalize on the networks of local analysts who know the market and experienced global exporters. All a business needs to do is create a successful and original product, and we do everything from branding, sales, shipments, marketing and every other process on the way. This way the producer can create their best product possible instead of dividing their attention. Our agressive policies, speed of action and deep understanding of the local business and culture gives us advantage over other e-commerce firms. Looking forward to working with you. Welcome to Bilpengo.

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